Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Best Laid Plans..... Or.....How To Piss Off A Nun

Eventful day today. Offspring #4 went in for her shoulder surgery this morning. Nothing real serious. An arthroscopic out patient procedure to fix a tear and clean up some burrs and make sure everything was repositioned back where it was supposed to be so that horrible bone on bone cracking noise would be gone.

She had her knee scoped a couple years ago at an out patient facility that did nothing but orthopaedic work and it was great. We were in, we were out. This time, it was done in a hospital. We were in, but we were not out. I figured, since I took the day off from work today and I have to work a party tomorrow night after the regular lunch, I'd have all afternoon to make my pies for Thanksgiving after doing a little running around. HA!! Not to be. She was schedule for an 11:30 procedure. They didn't wheel her up till 1:30...the doctor didn't come see me till a little after 3...she didn't come out of anesthesia till 3:30...and they wouldn't let me back to recovery till after 4 and didn't let us leave till 5ish. By the time I got her home and settled and take off to the pharmacy to get the pain meds it was close to 7:00. Needless to say no running around was accomplished. I did get the pumpkin and the chocolate pies done and the apple is still in the oven as I type. The lemon will have to wait till tomorrow night when I get home. That should be about 11:00. PM. At night. No biggie since I can catch up on my sleep Thursday morning.

Now the "Pissing off a Nun" part. While we were on our marathon wait let me just say here that #4 is her father's daughter when it comes to waiting...I would have sworn it was him on that gurney bitching about every tick of the clock back in the pre-op room, this older woman comes up to #4 and reads her papers and then proceeds to announce that she's going to pray for her. So, anyway, here's this woman, going on and on and on. God bless Kerry, God bless the Doctors, God bless the hospital, the nurses, the guy who cleans up shit, blah blah blah blah blah for like 5 minutes! Now, #4 and I tend to get the giggles. Over stupid stuff. It does't take much, but when one starts, or if the other THINKS the other is gonna go, we're off to the races. I'm just sitting in a chair next to #4 watching to see what she's gonna do. She's got her eye on her book trying to focus on something other than this strange woman who's holding her hand. I mean if it had been a quick little blessing, bing, bang, boom, done, you're good, nothing would have happened. But no....after 3 or 4 minutes we knew it was gonna happen. I broke first...just a little, almost unnoticable snark that #4 picked right up on. This of course leads to her shaking whilst trying to stifle her giggle. It's over and we're both chuckling. Prayer Lady says "I don't think it's funny". #4 says, "I'm sorry". I say "She's just nervous about the procedure". I mean, what am I gonna say, 'sorry lady, we're not exactly the overly religious - pray about everthing type'? So does Prayer Lady end it there? ummmmm NO..she keeps going. I'm thinking Holy Crap...end it and move on, you're just making us giggle even more!!!! Finally she wraps it up and moves on to the next bed. Later we're talking to one of the nurses and #4 says "Prayer Lady kinda freaked me out a little" to which the nurse replies "Oh, yeah, we've asked Sister to kinda feel people out before she goes jumping into her prayers, but she doesn't think its necessary" I say "Sister??? she's a nun???? Great, we pissed off a nun now she probably dialed up The Big Guy and said...that one over there..forget what I said."

No doubt thats why we had a two hour delay and why its after 10:00 and I still have a pie in the oven.


Anonymous said...

i would just like to state that prayer lady.. shes crazy
and also that when people schedule a time for something like a surgery it should probably happen at that time not two hours later.
and i am not like dad. i pretty much you. just 32 years younger
love #4

Peggy said...


I'll add 'argumentative' to the list of things you do like your father. :-)