Friday, January 29, 2010

Why is it......

... When a group of women are are having a get together like a craft/jewelry/Tupperware party, maybe having a beverage, all of them talking at once, it's a hen party.

And when a bunch of guys do the same thing it's called a poker game?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

On This Date In History.....

... 1990.... Offspring #4 made her way into the world. Happy 20th Kerry!!!

... 33 years ago the big one, aptly named The Blizzard Of 77, hit. MotherNature celebrated by dumping 8 inches of snow on us last night. Party on MN, party on.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here We Go, Sportsfans!

It's Superbowl time.

I should probably root for the Saints. We lived there for a couple of years. OffSpring #1 was born there. But I really have no feeling one way or the other. Whom ever wins, wins.

I do however have an interest in the score. And by interest I mean a bunch of money on more than a few pools. So, lets all put on our positive thinking caps and channel all our energy into these numbers...

(AFC first number - NFC second number)
8-2 (not feeling good about this one)
4-0 (not a bad number)
6-2 (really?)
0-0 (this one could be worth something, huh?)
5-2 (almost as likely at 6-2)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You can stop worrying.

I fixed my iPod.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I spent a good part of the other night cleaning up my iTunes. I got rid of some stuff, I added some stuff. Nothing major. Sync up my iPhone and everything is dandy.

Today, I decided to sync up my iPod, cuz y'know, I got rid of some stuff, I added some stuff. Nothing major. I plug the iPod into the computer, it tells me its synching, when its ok to disconnect after the sync is complete and I unplug the iPod.

So far, so good.

Wait a minute....this thing is completely empty. Void of any melody. My computer just ERASED EVERYTHING!!!!

Ok, deep breaths....don't panic. Unplug it and resync. No big deal, breathe.... in and out....there you go.

Again nothing!!!

And yet again!!!

Resetting it didn't help. Twice. All the music is still on my computer, so why will nothing sync and download over???? Will it erase everything off my phone if I plug in to sync??? Just what the hell kind of conspiracy is going on here? Do I have gremlins in my iPod? Will Modern Family continue to be the funniest show on tv for a long time? I have questions, people...give me answers!!!!

Looks like I'll be going over to the Apple store. This could be a sign that I should invest in a new iPod. Hey, while I'm there I'll go over to Pottery Barn and check out the sideboards.

I can turn anything into a shopping trip.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Shopping Right Now....

....For a sideboard

I need a place to keep all my Grandmother's China. Currently some of it is down in the basement collecting dust and the rest of it is in the cupboard above my stove. Along with all kinds of other crap that I keep jamming in there. Its a real adventure when you open this particular cupboard. You never know whats going to fall out. I'd really like to make that useable storage space for stuff I actually use instead of stuff I don't.

Two years ago I went to Buffalo China's big spring clearance. They sell off all the imperfect, but perfectly usable, stuff. I went nuts, considering that I'd never actually had a whole collection that matched. And this is all restaurant quality. I left with 12 each of bowls, plates, and BIG plates. I contemplated whether the BIG plates were going to fit in my dishwasher. I decided that they would and when I got home, I discovered that they DIDN'T FIT IN MY CUPBOARDS!!! I said....BIG plates 12" in diamater. They've been stored under an end table in my living room since I got them.

I found one at Ashley Furiture the other day. Picture this without the top hutch. I like it and all but I'm torn about the glass doors. I just dont know about those.

I really like this one from Ballard. I don't know who Ballard is or where they're located. I just found it online. And I dont really want to buy without seeing it first. But I really like it.

But this one here from Pottery Barn is by far my favorite...

I may take a run over to Pottery Barn tomorrow afternoon.