Saturday, May 26, 2012




 Tree in the hole...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So I Was Totally Gardening Today!!!

And no, the beds have not been put in yet. But I've got plants. I've got germinating seeds. I've got blooming bulbs. And they have to go in the ground soon. I figure, since I'm not a nag, I'd do a little passive aggressive hint dropping that stuff has to start moving soon. So, I'm turning into Crazy Garden Lady who tends a garden that isn't even really there. 

Step One.......The Layout...
  • One side of the porch..

Other Side of the Porch

Here's one of the bulbs thats just taking off. The day lily flower is a deep deep purple that almost looks black.

Some Johnny Jump Ups that are germinating.

 And I got all crafty with some chandelier crystals that I bought at The Worlds Largest Yard Sale last summer. And since there is going to be no bed, just grass, in this corner, I thought I'd dress up the fence a little. I found a picture on Pintrest where you drill little holes in the fence and put marbles in to make colorful knotholes and considered doing that. But there's no way Mr. GreenJeans was gonna be cool with me taking the Ryobi to the wood. So, next best thing....crystals. The pictures doesn't do it justice. *The dirt pile doesn't make it look too hot either, but lets not go there.*  I positioned them in front of the little spaces between each slat where the setting sun can go thru and a little breeze makes them dance a little. Kinda neat when the sun is setting and the crystals are throwing off light.

Up close with a crystal

Sunday, May 13, 2012


In the last episode of "The Frost Killed the Lilac Tree", the old girl wasn't looking too well. 

I'm pleased to report that she's pretty leafy today. *Ignore the dirt in the foreground. More on that later*

And!!!!!! she's blooming!!

Not that you can really call two teeeeeny little flowers on a clump blooming. Wait, this is my blog so I will call it blooming

Meanwhile, the yard is still a dirt pit. Oh, its all regraded just the way Mr. GreenJeans wants, but now it just a matter of putting in the beds. *there are only so many hours in a day.*   Y'know, the dirt piles I was supposed to get when this whole project started. Meanwhile, the tree is still sitting at the nursery waiting to be picked up.

In my anticipation of finally having a flower garden, I went ahead and purchased some bulbs, which I shouldn't have done because I know how timelines progress around here. The supply of the ones I wanted was dwindling, and, basically, I want what I want, so I bought them. Good thing I looked in the package because the bulbs were starting to sprout in the packaging. I had to plant them somewhere, and I came up with this... 
Plastic cups. This better work.

Also, its just my passive-aggressve way to say "WTF, MAN, WHEN DO THE BEDS GET PUT IN!!!!"