Sunday, May 13, 2012


In the last episode of "The Frost Killed the Lilac Tree", the old girl wasn't looking too well. 

I'm pleased to report that she's pretty leafy today. *Ignore the dirt in the foreground. More on that later*

And!!!!!! she's blooming!!

Not that you can really call two teeeeeny little flowers on a clump blooming. Wait, this is my blog so I will call it blooming

Meanwhile, the yard is still a dirt pit. Oh, its all regraded just the way Mr. GreenJeans wants, but now it just a matter of putting in the beds. *there are only so many hours in a day.*   Y'know, the dirt piles I was supposed to get when this whole project started. Meanwhile, the tree is still sitting at the nursery waiting to be picked up.

In my anticipation of finally having a flower garden, I went ahead and purchased some bulbs, which I shouldn't have done because I know how timelines progress around here. The supply of the ones I wanted was dwindling, and, basically, I want what I want, so I bought them. Good thing I looked in the package because the bulbs were starting to sprout in the packaging. I had to plant them somewhere, and I came up with this... 
Plastic cups. This better work.

Also, its just my passive-aggressve way to say "WTF, MAN, WHEN DO THE BEDS GET PUT IN!!!!"

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