Monday, March 29, 2010

The Only Difference Between Men And Boys Is the Price Of Their Toys

In a couple of weeks, me and my Chrysler 300 will be displaced from occupancy of the garage. The Spouse's new toy will be taking over.

note...this is a pic of 2010..the pics for 11's arent out yet. Well, I havent found one anyway.

Thaaaaaats right, he bought a 2011 Mustang. 412 horsepower, 5-litre V8, 6 speed, In the words of Tim The Tool Man Taylor, ARRRRH ARRRRRRH ARRRG

On a positive note, when thats paid for, I get a new kitchen.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Confession Time

Confession is good for the soul, so I'm going to come out with something. I'm just going to spit it out, a verbal 'ripping off the of the band-aid' if you will.

Here goes.....

Last night we left the Sabres game early.

That's right!!!!....we broke a cardinal rule. We left with 4 minutes left and the minute we got in the car and travelled 20 feet in the parking ramp, the couple that was with us, The Spouse and I had a discussion. It went like this.....

  • Watch, they'll score now.
  • Watch, they'll tie it up now
  • Watch, it'll go to a shootout
  • Watch, Miller will be awesome.
  • Watch, they'll win.

Son of a Bee Sting don't all those things happen.

In our defense, it was a pretty crappy first 58 out of 60 minutes of hockey, the couple we were with had an hour + ride home, we all had to work in the morning the game stared late, and ended late....after 10:00 we didn't want to be stuck in the upper yeah, we shoulda been there earlier, but hey, we were having ribs at Al-E-Oops parking ramp for an additional hour, so we left.

That kinda sucked, but it all worked out.

Monday, March 08, 2010

The Search Is Over

Remember my post about shopping for a sideboard?

Well, I went a little beyond the whole sideboard thing and just purchased this from Pottery Barn.

I love Pottery Barn. If I could, I'd buy everything they had. I need to win the lottery or something. Its not available for delivery till April 11, so I have to put on my patience pants till then. Well, technically I have to keep them on because I've been wearing them since I ordered Pirate Radio from Borders a couple weeks ago. That movie gets released and shipped tomorrow. AND my new sneakers should be here by Thursday. Man, the Fed-Ex/UPS truck never stops here. Till now :-)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Two Things That Practically Just Dropped In My Lap Today.

Thing One...

I found THE most comfortable sneaker! I have a hard time finding sneakers that dont hurt my feet. This is why I wear Crocs to work. Yes, I realize that they are hideous not exactly the fashion statement I wish to project, but they saved my feet. and for that reason they are gorgeous. So, anyway...I needed new kicks to wear to the gym and I needed new sheets, but thats a different story so I went to Kohls and found these. Skecher's D'Lites Extreme.

I can tell within 5 seconds after trying on a pair of shoes if they're comfy enough to buy. This was one of those times. I've been wearing them for 3 hours and my feet don't hurt. At all. Brand new shoes. 3 hours. No ouchie. SOLD! I liked them so much, I went to and bought another pair.

Thing Two...

Got an email from ChaCha today and it offered a link to this....quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen on the internet. And I've seen a lot of funny things....