Saturday, June 16, 2012

Silo City

My festival buddy and I went to Buffalo River Fest today and latched on to the walking tour of the area. We were a little late and missed the first part of the tour, but we saw that they were close and walked over and joined in. It was free, so don't worry that we horned in on the action on the cheap. And boy were we glad we did. We joined by the dock of the Edward M. Cotter fire boat (oldest working fireboat in the WORLD) and made our way over the bridge to the milling area by the Buffalo River and down Ganson Street.  This beauty of a milling building was built in the late 1800's. The present owner had tried to tear it down, but someone got it National Historic Landmark Status and now they can't. haha to them! 

 We then headed down to the Grain Elevators. Silo City it's called. Acres and acres of concrete monoliths, some of them still in use.
 We stopped at Elevator B Hive City. Read this article. It's amazing what they did to build this....

 Reach out and touch an elevator...
 Then they told us we were going to GO INSIDE THE BUILDING!!!! This was very very exciting!!!  Here we go!!!
 This is the top of one of the first chambers you walk into. The picture does  not begin to convey the height.
 Down a little farther were some shutes
 This went on and on and on
 view of another elevator from a window of the one we were in.
 Amazing to walk around this place. I'm pretty sure the guide said this one was built around 1906

 This is another elevator. The stored the grain for the Koch's Brewery here.

 The elevator in the background is still in use today.
We left a little sunburn, but Emily and I can cross one thing off our bucket list. Probably the coolest thing we've done all year. And we can't wait to go back.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

It's Happening!! It's Finally Happening!!

It's bed building day!!

The bobcat is back.

 first load of bed material (sand and mulch) goes in.

 it was my job to stomp down the first layer of bed material. and the second layer. and the third.

 stuff is actually planted. in the ground. in our yard.

 sorry for the lighting in this picture
 Mr. GreenJeans actually wanted me to take his picture in the bobcat, knowing full well that it would end up here. Where he doesn't like to end up. He's just funny that way.

After mulching. again with the shady picture. i'll have to get a better one in the morning.
Mulch down.

pretend that all that dirt is green grass. 

oh, look...i don't have to wait until morning....the light is better now.

So thats two beds down, and one to go. Should be done tomorrow. After they build the third bed, the topsoil goes in and grass seed goes on.