Thursday, June 07, 2012

It's Happening!! It's Finally Happening!!

It's bed building day!!

The bobcat is back.

 first load of bed material (sand and mulch) goes in.

 it was my job to stomp down the first layer of bed material. and the second layer. and the third.

 stuff is actually planted. in the ground. in our yard.

 sorry for the lighting in this picture
 Mr. GreenJeans actually wanted me to take his picture in the bobcat, knowing full well that it would end up here. Where he doesn't like to end up. He's just funny that way.

After mulching. again with the shady picture. i'll have to get a better one in the morning.
Mulch down.

pretend that all that dirt is green grass. 

oh, look...i don't have to wait until morning....the light is better now.

So thats two beds down, and one to go. Should be done tomorrow. After they build the third bed, the topsoil goes in and grass seed goes on.

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