Sunday, February 24, 2008

This is incrediblely awesome

Thanks to Scott for sending this to me

Thursday, February 14, 2008

*Edit....the two videos I have down below dont seem to work anymore. This here should take you to one. Be warned...its a bit graphic.*

Great news about Richard Zednik today. If you dont know, Richard is the Florida Panthers player whose neck was slashed and carotid artery severed by a skate Sunday night at the hockey game. Today, he asked for chicken wings. Yeah, baby....if wings cant cure what ails ya...what can???

If you hadn't seen it theres a couple videos. I have to warn you..this first video is kinda gruesome. Not quite as graphic as it was in person, but if you have a weakness for things like this..dont watch. This video , although 10 minutes long, doesnt show too much carnage and gives you a sense of what it was like to be in the arena.

The Spouse and I were sitting just above the Panthers bench....*if you notice, in the second video, the banner ad sign that says 'veins veins veins'...quite ironic, huh? is just where my seats are*....anyway, when they took him off the ice he went kinda limp..I thought he was dead right there. I dont think I'll ever forget the silence of 18,000 people in shock. Very eerie. It was flashback time for a good majority of us Sabres fans. 19 years ago we saw almost the same thing when Clint Malarchuk's jugular was cut. He too survived that injury.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lucky Weekend?

On a whim, The Spouse and I went to Fairgrounds Casino last night after dinner. We headed right to the bank of Joker Poker machines we had a bit of success with on New Years Eve.


I won 2 Grand with a royal straight flush. I'm still quite giddy about the whole turn of events.

I'm hoping my luck carries over to a couple of the SuperBowl pools I'm in. Wouldn't that be nice!!!!!

For The Undecided

Vote-chooser- a good site to help you see the candidate's views on what's important to you!

Since it's so hard to decide who to vote for, maybe this can help.

Thanks to Jo for that.