Thursday, February 14, 2008

*Edit....the two videos I have down below dont seem to work anymore. This here should take you to one. Be warned...its a bit graphic.*

Great news about Richard Zednik today. If you dont know, Richard is the Florida Panthers player whose neck was slashed and carotid artery severed by a skate Sunday night at the hockey game. Today, he asked for chicken wings. Yeah, baby....if wings cant cure what ails ya...what can???

If you hadn't seen it theres a couple videos. I have to warn you..this first video is kinda gruesome. Not quite as graphic as it was in person, but if you have a weakness for things like this..dont watch. This video , although 10 minutes long, doesnt show too much carnage and gives you a sense of what it was like to be in the arena.

The Spouse and I were sitting just above the Panthers bench....*if you notice, in the second video, the banner ad sign that says 'veins veins veins'...quite ironic, huh? is just where my seats are*....anyway, when they took him off the ice he went kinda limp..I thought he was dead right there. I dont think I'll ever forget the silence of 18,000 people in shock. Very eerie. It was flashback time for a good majority of us Sabres fans. 19 years ago we saw almost the same thing when Clint Malarchuk's jugular was cut. He too survived that injury.

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