Sunday, October 21, 2012

So, Now That I've Got An Empty Nest...

I've been all crafty and stuff. Since the sun sets at 6:00 nowadays, and parties at work tend to dwindle this time of year, I need stuff to do to keep me off my ass all evening long. I mean, I cant come home and just park it for a couple of hours. I feel like crap when I do. Anyway, I found some interesting, crafty stuff on Pintrest and this is the best time to start doing it.

I'm currently making little chrismas trees out of old tomato cages that I picked up at an estate sale for 50 cents a piece. Valu Hardware had strings  of 100 twinkle lights for $3.33 making the cost of each tree $3.83. You can't buy something like this in a christmas store for less than $20. Advantage, me.

Not the greatest photo ever taken, but use your imagination and pretend they are outside, its dark, and theres snow on the ground. I've got 4 more to string with lights. and I'm weighing my options as to how to decorate them further. I'll keep you posted

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary

6 years ago today, we were buried by the October Storm.

Wow.....6 years