Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday In The Park

The past couple weeks at work have been brutal. Events every night after lunch is over and back to backs on the weekends. 21 days straight. No breaks. But we're just that good and we can pull it off.

We got to blow off a little steam this weekend at The South Park Italian Festival. Good Times Good Times.

It was held on the greenspace in front of The Botanical Gardens this year. Way nicer than where it's been held on Redding Street previously.

It was HOT and the sun was glaring but all the vendor tents were set up under a stand of trees, which made it quite nice. This is the one event that we bring our own beverages to. This year, the bev of choice was Three Olives Cherry Vodka and Lemondade or Limeade. Yum Yum .... perfect drink for the day. Needless to say, we killed the bottle. We also ran out of food!!!! We had lines all day long for our Grilled Chicken w/ Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich and the Italian Sausage Patty w/ peppers and onions and cheese sandwich, and the Stuffed Hot Peppers Sandwich. We rock! Pretty sure the other vendors were jealous at our brisk business. We ended up donating the proceeds of $500.00 to Cradle Beach Camp. We're awesome.

Justin won a prize in the Chinese Auction. The umbrella he models for us here, along with a two seater chair. I probably dont have to say that this picture was taken after the bottle of vodka was gone

Here, Justin tests out the umbrella, Mary Poppins Style by jumping off the back of the truck.

We really wanted to take this little guy for a ride. The BPD probably would have had a problem with that since its was theirs.

Here's the Master of Ceremonies for the event...Assemblyman Mark Schroeder. Those yellow shirts the DiTondo's people were wearing had a picture of him when he was a little kid. We do a different one every year. He loves it *evil grin*

At one point I found myself having a conversation with Mark and Mayor Brown. Later on, I mentioned to Offspring #4 that she should have taken a picture with me and Byron and after that, #4 and Justin started and all on "Who Can We Get A Picture With" challenge. #4 got a couple of the Buffalo Jills for Justin, they got me with the mayor and a state senator.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

C'mon Out

We'll (and by we, I mean the gang from DiTondo's) be over at the South Park Italian Festival today. Come on over. It'll be loads of fun!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


We're finally having a summer!!!! Hot, Hazy and Humid. It hasn't rained in like a week.

Trying to get a couple of Beatles songs. There is not ONE Beatles song on iTunes, just cover band stuff. Why the hell is that?

I really need to clean my house. And by clean, I mean a move the furniture and scrub and polish everything clean.

I need a day off.

The new front door came in. Doug will install as soon as I'm done staining it. The Spouse says he might do it. That would be nice.