Sunday, September 27, 2009


Offspring #3 and I were out and about yesterday. We'd planned on going to a big barn sale out in West Falls and when that turned out to be a dud of a sale we headed over to Clarence...thinking that the Flea Market would be in full being a decent day and all. Turns out that there was no flea market. Apparently its only on Sunday. BUT! The Great Pumpkin Farm was open and it was Oinktoberfest! Big BBQ cookoff, a band playing some really good tunes, pie eating contests, rides, petting zoos, all kinds of stuff going on, so we decided to roam around there for a while. And with all the fantastic scents coming from the competition tents we decided we were hungry. Got some ribs, some pulled pork, some mac and cheese and THE best jalapeno cheddar cornbread ever.

Offspring #3 in front of the tent for the bbq competitor with the best name.... "Bobby Q and The Butt Rubbers. "
They even had a Zoltar Machine!!!! Just like in the movie "Big"! No sign of Tom Hanks tho.
Ok, then, at one point I had to relieve myself and just my luck...Porta-Potties. Yeah...we all love using them, right? So I open the door and whats in there? The newspaper. Someone made themselves at home.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ok, Now We're In Business!

My computer has been really stupid lately and I haven't been using it too much. And it's in the house and I spend all my time out here in The Snug cuz I love it out here. I've been doing just about every thing on my phone except blogging and I hadn't been doing that cuz I couldn't get anything of a textual nature to appear on a blog post. I could only get text to appear in the title. And I didn't like that so I did a little homework and got my phone linked up to my blog. Those folks at are up on all the techno stuff. I do like that.

So you'll be hearing alot more from me more often now.

Now I just have to figure out how to post pictures from the phone.

This is only a test

Testing one two three. Chhhhhh chhhhhh chachacha. (can you tell I've been to a couple sound checks before?

Posting this from the phone. I think I figured out how to do it.

Here goes. *Hitting publish*

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Some Random Wedding Stuff....

You can view a short slideshow of the few pictures I had time to take here .

A couple of things....

Lots and LOTS of beer mixed with 20-ish testosterone is not a good combination. The after party almost got out of control. I spent a good hour trying to get a jump on the clean up....3 big bags of garbage and a couple bags of beer cans. I went upstairs about 10:30, just to get 10 minutes of quiet time because I was starting to get annoyed with the young bucks. Woke up at 4:30 am. My 10 minutes turned into 6 hours. The Spouse and The Offspring cleaned up the rest of the mess.

Nineteen 30 pack of beer were consumed at the house. UnFREAKIN'believable.

I want to thank the following people......
  • Judge Tim Walker. Anyone who quotes Dr. Seuss and Green Eggs and Ham during an exchanage of vows is alright in my book.
  • Annette Szcymanski at Shelly's Flowers. The floral arrangements were stunningly perfect.
  • Jim Weldy of "The Boys of Summer" for the perfect music
  • Donna Ilecki for the culinary masterpiece that was The Cake
  • Dave Wozniak, our brilliant photographer and friend.
  • Joseph's Country Manor for their wonderful venue.
  • Lee Nowicki who made the bride's dress and then delivered it as a wedding present.
  • And last but certainly not least....Mother Nature herself for probably the nicest day of the year.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Wedding

Here's just a few shots from the wedding. And, I might was the best wedding EVER!!! And its not just me, mother of the bride, saying that. It was so relaxed and unstructured. Fantastic time was had by least thats what I heard all day.

I love this candid shot of Michelle and the sisters, Melissa, Emily and Kerry...and the flower girl, Maggie