Sunday, September 27, 2009


Offspring #3 and I were out and about yesterday. We'd planned on going to a big barn sale out in West Falls and when that turned out to be a dud of a sale we headed over to Clarence...thinking that the Flea Market would be in full being a decent day and all. Turns out that there was no flea market. Apparently its only on Sunday. BUT! The Great Pumpkin Farm was open and it was Oinktoberfest! Big BBQ cookoff, a band playing some really good tunes, pie eating contests, rides, petting zoos, all kinds of stuff going on, so we decided to roam around there for a while. And with all the fantastic scents coming from the competition tents we decided we were hungry. Got some ribs, some pulled pork, some mac and cheese and THE best jalapeno cheddar cornbread ever.

Offspring #3 in front of the tent for the bbq competitor with the best name.... "Bobby Q and The Butt Rubbers. "
They even had a Zoltar Machine!!!! Just like in the movie "Big"! No sign of Tom Hanks tho.
Ok, then, at one point I had to relieve myself and just my luck...Porta-Potties. Yeah...we all love using them, right? So I open the door and whats in there? The newspaper. Someone made themselves at home.

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