Saturday, January 31, 2009

Everybody!!!! Who Stole the Kicezka, Who Stole the Kicezka, Who Stole the Kicezka Someone Call a Cop

It started out kind of as a joke. We had so much fun on Dyngus Day last year. Every Friday night, standing around the bar after dinner, the subject would come up..."can't wait for Dyngus Day"... "You guys oughta come with us on Dyngus Day next year", and so on. Someone, can't remember who, said something to the effect of "Let's have our own Dyngus". Which evolved into "Let's have a count down to Dyngus Party". Which in turn led to a "Lets have a 'Who Stole the Kicezka' Party". The idea snowballed and everyone got involved. It was decided that we'd do it on a Friday, right after the last dinner was served. What fun. I'll bet there were close to 75 people at this party last night. The place was packed.

Someone even brought in a little vase of pussy willows! Where does one get pussy willows in the dead of winter? See them...right there on the right in front of the glass

Master of Ceremonies Mark sang "Who Stole the Kicezka" with Al, accompanied by the incomprable Norm Kaminsky on the accordian.

The Judge showed up and sang a Kicezka Song that he wrote. Friggin hilarious!

This happened a couple of times during the evening....

The carving of the fresh polish sausage that the boys made last night.

And this guy....Accordian Bill. He's on the right with the goofy hat next to Norm. The quintessential Polack....with his one liners and stories. Kind of a Henny Youngman, only Buffalo Polish

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

At This Particular Point In Time..

...I'm really really sick of the snow. It's been the coldest winter since the below mentioned Blizzard of 77 and the 18th coldest in history. And I think it's snowed everyday for, like, the last two weeks. I like winter and all...but this is getting old.

The Spouse leaves for his annual, 2 week "Mikey Does Florida" world tour and this year I'm joining for a couple of days. He leaves the 21st of February till, like, March 8 or 9. I'll leave Feb. 28 and come home March 4. The best of both worlds here...I still get the bed to myself for all but 4 days of that 2 weeks AND I get a little vaca.


On This Date In History....

January 28, 1990....

Offspring #4 made her way into this world!
Happy Birthday KB!

January 28, 1977.....

The Blizzard of '77 hit.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Stuff...

cuz I've been too lazy busy to post in the last little bit and while I sit here and wait for AAA to get here cuz I've got a flat tire. It's kinda mangled right now too cuz I drove too long on it. Oh, well.

Offspring #2 set the date for her wedding....Sept. 5. This year. Leaving me TONS of time to do all the mother-of-the-bride has to do. Good thing she doesnt want the whole princess wedding business, there would totally be not enough time. We're booking a grove and having a huge outdoor wedding picnic thing.

On top of the wedding stuff, we're still busy talking to contractors about the back porch. We were thinking of making it a two story addition and bumping out our bathroom and adding a magnificent walk in closet. Scratching that. 90 grand with all the structural work that would have to be done. We'll settle for knocking down walls at a later date when more of the Offspring are moved.

I finally took down the inside Christmas decorations yesterday. Seems like I just put them up.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Where Do I Lodge a Formal Protest????

I am appalled!!!!

We went to Famous Dave's tonite. The Spouse had a hankering for some ribs. Naturally, I said "ok, I'll go" I'm not one to turn down ribs, no way, no how!. He likes the St. Louis Style and I prefer the Babyback...its an ongoing debate we have...which style is better. We mosey up to the bar, cuz thats where we always eat and we're perusing the menu and something just doesn't look right. I can't find the babybacks anywhere on the menu!!!! So, I ask..."excuse me, no babyback ribs on the menu?" by this time I'm ready to break out in a cold sweat, I want my babyback babyback babyback. "No" is the reply I get. "Um, WHY?" I ask, trying to control my headspins. "Well, we weren't really selling a lot of them" She says..."And you're like the 3rd person in the last two days to ask me that". By this time, all I'm hearing is Charlie Brown's Teacher...wah wah wahwahwah wah noises. Apparently, they got rid of them in October. Just about the last time we went there.

Talk about being bummed out! I choked down some of the St. Louis style, and they were good, but they just weren't as good as the babyback.

Famous Dave....bring my babies back!!!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Finally time for Some Posting

Got back from Orlando New Years Day. Offspring #3's internship at Disney is over and we went to retrieve her. This was the plan....we *The Spouse and I* fly down, stay a couple days, I fly back and the two of them drive home. No room in the car for was packed to the gills. I had a 4 hour layover in Chicago. BORING!!! They left Orlando at noon yesterday (Friday) and rolled into town about 9 this morning (Saturday) thats 22 hours from Orlando to Buffalo. They would have been home sooner had there not been bumper to bumper, any slower they would have been going backwards traffic on I-95 till past Georgia. Kinda makes the layover at O'Hare not so bad, huh?

Speaking of airlines...why in the world would someone purposely fly standby? Totally not worth the aggravation if you ask me.

Click here for Xmas Pics. There's not too many of them cuz I forgot to bring my camera *again*. Thanks to Amanda for sending them to me.