Monday, January 05, 2009

Where Do I Lodge a Formal Protest????

I am appalled!!!!

We went to Famous Dave's tonite. The Spouse had a hankering for some ribs. Naturally, I said "ok, I'll go" I'm not one to turn down ribs, no way, no how!. He likes the St. Louis Style and I prefer the Babyback...its an ongoing debate we have...which style is better. We mosey up to the bar, cuz thats where we always eat and we're perusing the menu and something just doesn't look right. I can't find the babybacks anywhere on the menu!!!! So, I ask..."excuse me, no babyback ribs on the menu?" by this time I'm ready to break out in a cold sweat, I want my babyback babyback babyback. "No" is the reply I get. "Um, WHY?" I ask, trying to control my headspins. "Well, we weren't really selling a lot of them" She says..."And you're like the 3rd person in the last two days to ask me that". By this time, all I'm hearing is Charlie Brown's Teacher...wah wah wahwahwah wah noises. Apparently, they got rid of them in October. Just about the last time we went there.

Talk about being bummed out! I choked down some of the St. Louis style, and they were good, but they just weren't as good as the babyback.

Famous Dave....bring my babies back!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Pegz!

it's Sam. i just want to say that you haven't wished offspring #4 a happy birthday on this blog once! shame on you! haha im just joking! love your blog