Thursday, September 18, 2008

And you tell me over and over and over again my friend, you dont believe we're on the eve of destruction.

So, this is our backyard on Monday. More specifically, our pool on Monday. We've got some ambitious plans to upgrade the back that hasn't really had anything done to it in years. The pool is (was) about 16 years old. I'd say we got our money out of it. This is the pool on Tuesday....notice the railing fence has been taken down and most of the water drained.

This is the scene yesterday. Johnny Five came over to give us a hand. He wanted the scrap metal, he's got the scrap metal. Of course, in any project around here, there's beer involved.......
....and power tools. Beer and powertools...thats our motto!

And what was I doing whilst the boys were destrucing you ask? I wasn't just taking pictures, I played the part of helper and lugged all that scrap out front to JT's truck. Quite a nice job of stacking, don't you think?

This is all that's left. We just have to cut up the remnants of the liner into managable pieces and haul it out for garbage day on Monday. The garbage men are a little picky about what they pick up. If it's too heavy, it'll sit there.

When we were all done, we got cleaned up, JT went and picked up the bride and we went over to Famous Dave's for some ribs. And more beer.

Next on the agenda.....the deck. It's all coming down. That's a LOT of damn wood. Good thing there's people who are interested in taking it. We'll be having a 'deck destruction' party in the next couple of weeks.

We'll have beer.


Emily said...


Peggy said...

Consider yourself happy my Offspring! Pool lady is coming over next week. Gotta get some builders over here for estimates on the new covered porch off the sliders and come concrete guys over for the patio.

But you're gonna have to wait till spring. Think you can do that?

Emily said...

i guess so.. you are just lucky that i am not there right now and i am ove 1000 miles away otherwise, you would feel my wrath... i will just have to live those few months in agony until our new pool is put in.. i don't care about the deck... the pool is my main concern... so hurrah for a new inground pool!!! i am going to have so many pool parties you're not going to know what hit you!


offspring #3

Peggy said...

ummmm...hello...were you planning on swimming between now and the spring? Cuz, I don't know if you realize it or not...but it gets a little chilly here between October and May. I would think the agony would not be waiting for the new pool it would be swimming in the old one this time of year.

You'd think that someone who was a couple of centuries old would know that....or perhaps you've been in Florida a little too long. :-)

Cha Cha said...

Hi, I made it! Just got registered in Google so I can respond - - - I hope!!!

Anyway, I want to be there for the pool christening with a glass of chardannay in one hand and a New York hot dog in the other.

Love you,


Peggy said...

WoooHoo!!! ChaCha is here!!!

I'll have the wine and tube steaks ready!