Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Just some stuff for today while I'm sitting here in a quiet house cuz everyone is gone.

Silence is golden and I'm content.
I cleaned the house the weekend before last. Moved furniture. Rearranged. Puttered. Just did stuff. One week later the house is still clean. Still smells clean too.

Way cool.

This Empty Nest Business (ENB) isn't a bad gig . Its a dry run for ENB around here. #3 will be back in January. #4 will be back in May not counting Christmas Break. Am I allowed to say Christmas Break anymore? Did it officially become Winter Break? Can I even say Christmas? #2 prolly won't be back anytime soon. #1, well...she's still here, and I'm down with that...but she's never home very much and she'll be gone in a wink of an eye anyway. I've decided that I'm going to be practicing real hard so I get used to the new lifestyle in the short time I have right now, insuring that I'm fully prepared when ENB is for real.

Offspring #4 is all set up with the dorm...she left Saturday. I went and visited yesterday after work, since I had to work Saturday and Sunday when she moved in and Monday we went out to the lake. Nice place. Brand new. She's in a 4 bedroom suite with only one other suite mate. She's lovin it so far. She's even *gasps* cooked for herself. AND cooked for the boys in the next suite. I'm thinking..."Danger, Danger Will Robinson!" dangerous precedent being set...they're gonna have her cook all the time, but no! They cooked for her last night. So thats cool.

I saw an article in the News today about a couple in Niagara Falls who left their children in their car. In the sun. With the windows rolled up. On an 85 degree day. What the hell is wrong with these people???? The mother says they were just there for a few minutes. The neighbors said it was over 30 minutes. The oldest kid said it was for 'a long time'. The cops had to convice the oldest kid to unlock the doors so they could get them out. The cops said they were soaking wet from sweat. I cant believe they're not dead.'s the kicker....the kids were ages 9, 2 and 6 weeks. Ok..thats not the kicker, this is... The Sperm Donor was 21 and the Incubator was 22. Lets do math people....the Incubator was all of 13 when she first reproduced....THIRTEEN!!!

I have no words for this.
Well, slap me in the ass and paint the barn red. Not 3 minutes after posting this, what do I get?? Offspring walking thru the door. I guess practice is just going to have to start slow. ;-)


Anonymous said...

That's terrible. Conor and I went to Baltimore to get a sandwich today and in the car on the way home we heard a story about a lady who was upset about an argument with her boyfriend so she cooked her baby in the microwave. People are sick.

-Offspring #2

Peggy said...


You went to Baltimore to get a sandwich. Life for Offspring #2 must be good!