Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last night we had plans to go to the Bison's game. Last home game of the appreciation day with fireworks and all that.

The Spouse and I headed downtown early and we stopped at Dug's Dive for a beverage before the game. As it happened it was 2-4-1 happy hour from 3 till 6, so we had two. We're sitting there on the deck.....

....very peaceful and picturesque little setting, located right in the small boat harbor. Food smelled fantastic and we should have had a little dinner, but considering the game was going to start in an hour, we just stuck with our liquid diet. We'll dine next time we go....

For some reason....the windmills weren't working last night...none of them.

There was a sailboat race going on just over the breakwall....kinda hard to see in this picture down here....

So, anyway...we're sitting on the deck, having a couple, relaxing, talking....

When all of a sudden, The Spouse lets out this belch....not a loud one, mind you, just a little beer burp...and out of the corner of my eye, I see it....this toxic cloud...coming right at me. I had no time to react. My eyes were watering and I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Gross! After he gets done laughing at me while I'm gasping for breathable air, he says..."oh, yeah, that reminds me, I went to lunch today with Joe Head of the Ice Rink and got the rink back...with a 3 year service contract". Apparently, the noxious fumes triggered his memory of the burger he had for lunch. To which I replied..."Nice. And you and your digestive system just made my blog, pal".
Nice night for a ball game, tho...and some interesting cloud color just as the sun was setting.

Too bad they lost, 3-2.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shakin' Hands and Kissin' Babies

A few pics from our favorite Congressman's event last night. It was a family oriented little gathering at his favorite restaurant. What can I say..he loves us..we love him.

There he is...waving to someone over there....

Oh, look..our favorite State Assemblyman. We love this guy too!

Quite a few people showed up for this shindig....

Wow...check it out...Eddie Murphy was there too! Ha! Not really, that's His Honor the Mayor. A dead ringer for Eddie...

Plenty of food..not that you could tell from this picture...all you see is rolls.

Holy What Happened to August, Batman

Dang!!! it's been one busy month. In addition to the regular everyday hours at work (10 to 3 biggie, and don't get me wrong...I love my job) we had 16 parties booked for August. Two or three, sometimes four parties during the week and the last two weekends have been back to back Saturday and Sunday, so, we haven't a day off in 24 days. All we have to do is get thru tomorrow and we have TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF IN A ROW!!!! So close..yet so far away. Friday lunch is always a zoo and there's already almost 100 reservations for dinner. A few hours of controlled chaos and the weekend is MINE!! Here's the plan...I really really need to clean my house and Sunday looks like the weakest weather day so housework on Sunday after a complete and total slugfest on Saturday. I'm thinking on a raft in the pool.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I get a ton of this stuff from ChaCha...

I wish she would just come out and tell us how she really feels!!!!

This is what I woke up to this morning

Double helix.... I love when that happens

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its Off To Disney She Goes....

Offspring #3 took off this morning for a 6 month stint as an intern at Disney.

How cool is that? I'm gonna miss my little festival companion.

And Miss Em....this is what happens when you give me a goofy face when I'm taking your picture! The Evil Mother side of me slaps it all over the internet!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Why did the chicken cross the road?

from The Buffalo News today...

A Canada-bound truck carrying 9,700 chickens tipped on the ramp to the northbound Niagara Thruway this afternoon, creating a fowl mess that stopped traffic.

The truck tipped as it left the Mainline Thruway to head north.

Authorities at the scene in Cheektowaga said early indications are the cause was unsafe speed or lane change; the driver suffered minor injuries.

The accident occurred at about 2:30 p.m.

Many chickens were killed in the wreck. There also was evidence of broken eggs.

The ramp from the Mainline Thruway westbound to the 190 northbound was closed during the cleanup; it was reopened by 4:10 p.m. The scene was expected to be cleaned up by 4:30 p.m.

The truck driver, Stanley P. Chesney, 47, who drives for Ontario Inc. of Walkerton, Ont., suffered abrasions on his left arm and left leg. He was taken to a local hospital.

Chesney told State Police at the scene that he was distracted while attempting to change lanes and lost control of his rig.

Several police cars and crews from the state Department of Transportation were on the scene.

Surviving chickens were to be taken to the Erie County SPCA in the Town of Tonawanda, where their conditions would be evaluated. The SPCA also was to do a count of the chickens that were killed in the accident.
I am so sick of hearing about Brett Favre.

What time did he take a shit today? Was that on the espn favre ticker?

Thats all.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Check this out...

I won this last night in a raffle at the annual JohnnyP. Golf Tournament Dinner. No..I havent taken up golf...that'll never happen...I was working.

Thats right..its an actual autographed drumhead...signed by all the Goo Boys. Pretty cool, huh?