Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holy What Happened to August, Batman

Dang!!! it's been one busy month. In addition to the regular everyday hours at work (10 to 3 biggie, and don't get me wrong...I love my job) we had 16 parties booked for August. Two or three, sometimes four parties during the week and the last two weekends have been back to back Saturday and Sunday, so, we haven't a day off in 24 days. All we have to do is get thru tomorrow and we have TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF IN A ROW!!!! So close..yet so far away. Friday lunch is always a zoo and there's already almost 100 reservations for dinner. A few hours of controlled chaos and the weekend is MINE!! Here's the plan...I really really need to clean my house and Sunday looks like the weakest weather day so housework on Sunday after a complete and total slugfest on Saturday. I'm thinking on a raft in the pool.

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