Thursday, May 29, 2008

Well...Its the last day of my 40's....

...*and I'm alright with that* and this is what I'm turning into tomorrow..

and I hate it when there's commercials on these clips. Pardon that...its the best clip I could find.

Saturday Night Live - Sally O'Malley

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good news! i just picked up the computer....wooohooo! And I'm $238 lighter in the pockets. Next computer I buy is gonna be a Mac.

Right now I'm sitting in the car watching Offspring #4's softball game....its frigging freezing...and the computer is sitting in my back seat.

I'll be fixing this up later when i get back online.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


...this has been dental week. offspring #4 had the old wisdom teeth removed. She now has dry sockets. Ouchie. And I developed an infection in the tooth under my crown. Double ouchie. Seriously...I'd rather give birth than do the dental pain thing.

Needless to say the two of us have been miserable.

Oh....and I dont have my computer back yet.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


so....the computer has issues. She's in therapy right new....aka...getting fixed. Posts will be coming to you from my trusty Blackjack for the time being. And just when i was gonna post some pictures from Offspring #4's prom. Yes..the "baby" has just gone to the senior prom.

Seem like just last week when she was taking her first steps. No, was just last week that I got my AARP card in the
mail. Curses!!!!

What a week for local law enforcement!!

First you got this goofy woman getting thru security at the airport by walking in thru the exitway and then telling the person at her boarding gate "why no, I didnt go thru security" so I dont have whatever it was you get when you go thru security, prompting the evac and rescreening of EVERYONE in the airport. What a nightmare.

Then...last night you get this guy. Spotted beating on his female companion whilst driving and brandishing a gun when he gets pulled over. This leads to a 3 hour standoff on the now shutdown I-190....during rush hour!!!

yes...I did park my arse in front of the tv and I watched. All 3 hours.

I'm an ambulance chaser from way back.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

This is weird

I feel like I'm sitting inside a ginormous blue bubble.

The roofers are here...yeah...a Saturday morning at 7am...happy dance time. They've dropped a huge blue tarp over everything whilst they do the tear off. Everything's got a blue tint to it. I dont like it.