Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Stuff...

cuz I've been too lazy busy to post in the last little bit and while I sit here and wait for AAA to get here cuz I've got a flat tire. It's kinda mangled right now too cuz I drove too long on it. Oh, well.

Offspring #2 set the date for her wedding....Sept. 5. This year. Leaving me TONS of time to do all the mother-of-the-bride has to do. Good thing she doesnt want the whole princess wedding business, there would totally be not enough time. We're booking a grove and having a huge outdoor wedding picnic thing.

On top of the wedding stuff, we're still busy talking to contractors about the back porch. We were thinking of making it a two story addition and bumping out our bathroom and adding a magnificent walk in closet. Scratching that. 90 grand with all the structural work that would have to be done. We'll settle for knocking down walls at a later date when more of the Offspring are moved.

I finally took down the inside Christmas decorations yesterday. Seems like I just put them up.

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