Saturday, January 03, 2009

Finally time for Some Posting

Got back from Orlando New Years Day. Offspring #3's internship at Disney is over and we went to retrieve her. This was the plan....we *The Spouse and I* fly down, stay a couple days, I fly back and the two of them drive home. No room in the car for was packed to the gills. I had a 4 hour layover in Chicago. BORING!!! They left Orlando at noon yesterday (Friday) and rolled into town about 9 this morning (Saturday) thats 22 hours from Orlando to Buffalo. They would have been home sooner had there not been bumper to bumper, any slower they would have been going backwards traffic on I-95 till past Georgia. Kinda makes the layover at O'Hare not so bad, huh?

Speaking of airlines...why in the world would someone purposely fly standby? Totally not worth the aggravation if you ask me.

Click here for Xmas Pics. There's not too many of them cuz I forgot to bring my camera *again*. Thanks to Amanda for sending them to me.

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