Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Shopping Right Now....

....For a sideboard

I need a place to keep all my Grandmother's China. Currently some of it is down in the basement collecting dust and the rest of it is in the cupboard above my stove. Along with all kinds of other crap that I keep jamming in there. Its a real adventure when you open this particular cupboard. You never know whats going to fall out. I'd really like to make that useable storage space for stuff I actually use instead of stuff I don't.

Two years ago I went to Buffalo China's big spring clearance. They sell off all the imperfect, but perfectly usable, stuff. I went nuts, considering that I'd never actually had a whole collection that matched. And this is all restaurant quality. I left with 12 each of bowls, plates, and BIG plates. I contemplated whether the BIG plates were going to fit in my dishwasher. I decided that they would and when I got home, I discovered that they DIDN'T FIT IN MY CUPBOARDS!!! Yeah...like I said....BIG plates 12" in diamater. They've been stored under an end table in my living room since I got them.

I found one at Ashley Furiture the other day. Picture this without the top hutch. I like it and all but I'm torn about the glass doors. I just dont know about those.

I really like this one from Ballard. I don't know who Ballard is or where they're located. I just found it online. And I dont really want to buy without seeing it first. But I really like it.

But this one here from Pottery Barn is by far my favorite...

I may take a run over to Pottery Barn tomorrow afternoon.

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