Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another Unsolicited Product Review

When it comes to mashed potatoes...I'm totally old school. Russet potatoes. I buy 'em, I peel 'em, I boil 'em, I mash 'em.

I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a mashed potato snob. None of this 'boil water, throw the dehydrated, processed, lifeless flakes in and, voila, mashed potatoes' crap for me. I grew up on those. My grandmother worked at General Mills a good portion of her adult life. We'd get from her, with regularity, what were called "Grab Bags". 4 foot tall brown bags of mystery food. You never knew exatly what you were gonna get. Full of all kinds of GM products. Brownies, cookie mixes...all kinds of good stuff. And Cheerios...lots and LOTS of *blech* Cheerios. *I suppose we got all those Cheerios cuz they were made right downtown. Still are. If you're ever down by the arena and you think...'gawd what is that smell?' its the Cheerios.* And Potato Buds. Instant mashed potatoes. I have more a liking for the taste of the box than the buds. My mom's not famous for her culinary skills *Well .... she kinda is .... but not in a delicious way* so, needless to say..we ate a lot of Potato Buds.

Aaaannnyyyway... I've been seeing this commerical on TV for these Steam 'n Mash Potatoes, by Ore-Ida. Given my history with processed spuds, I immediately thought.."pfffffftttt....yeah right.....THOSE are gonna taste right...I don't THINK so." And never thought any more of them. Till today. I was wandering around aimlessly in Tops looking for something for dinner and I hit upon meatloaf and mashed when I went by the freezer aisle and saw them.

So, I thought..."Hey...it's only The Spouse and I for dinner, what the hell? I'll give it a shot". 10 minutes in the microwave and I'm still a little skeptical. But they look like boiled potatoes so I'm intrigued. A little butter, a little milk, some salt and pepper, and SHAZAM! mashed potatoes.

And they actually taste....well...they taste good. These taters are tasty! And you get a decent bit of them, volume wise. I had some. The Spouse had some. He packed some for lunch tomorrow and there's enough for Offspring #1 if she wants some.

That meatloaf looks rather delicious too!!

I cant find my receipt, but if I recall correctly, they were, like, $3something. Best part, 0 Calories from fat. Well..till you add the butter. There are 260 grams of sodium, from the brine its cooked in I think. Only 3 ingredients....potatoes, salt and disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate. whatever that is

I'd buy them again.

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