Friday, November 14, 2008

Requiem To The Bun

A long time ago ok, it was only a land far, far away, ok, it was Lackawanna Grandpa Adam the Spouse's grandpa bought a car. Brand spankin' new 1994 Teal Green Ford Tempo, which he tooled around town in. Over here. Over there. Down to the Post really, mostly down to The Post . His 4 great granddaughters, smart little dickens that they were referred to this 1994 Teal Green Ford Tempo as "The Bun" because the first 3 letters of his license plate were how cute is this .. B-U-N. The name stuck and she was forever know as "The Bun".

When Gramps was no longer able to drive, The Bun became a permanent fixture in our driveway. I used it for a while when I was, back then, doing newspaper deliveries. Then Offspring #1 started to drive and The Bun passed to her. She cracked it up once. #2 got her mitts on it. She cracked it up a couple times. # 3 had it for a while with no incident and now #4 is driving it. Brakes aren't working too well. There's an axle problem. Our mechanic The Spouse's cousin who's nursed her back to health since the beginning has made mention that no one should sit in the back seats because the floor boards are almost rotted out. seriously, the radio #4 put in has more value than the whole car. So we've made the decision to get the youngest a more reliable, safe vehicle. The Bun wouldn't have made it the winter. She'll now be an organ donor. Picked on for parts for all the other 1994 Teal Green Ford Tempos that are still seen around the WNY roads.

We'll miss ya, Bun.

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Emily said...

uh what parts on the bun are still working properly?!?!