Sunday, November 02, 2008

When Pigs Go Bad

Whats the best way to spend the months of September thru April in Buffalo?

Why join a bowling league of course!!! Mixed Doubles is the way to go. The Spouse and I have been teamed up with The Spouse's Bestest Buddy Since High School and his bride, for a good number of years now. In this league we have the broadest spectrum of bowlers...from kids in their 20's to kids in their 60's. Quite possible in their 70's. All for fun. Friendly rivalries. Best of "Blood Bowlers". Everyone gets along, blah blah blah blah. So, anyway, The Bestest Buddy and I are in charge of our team mascots. Hot and Shot.

Aren't they just so cute? Of course, this is before they get hammered and before they go thru their pregame rituals and stuff. These are some bad bad piggies. Each of 'em gets a chug off a beer and then get a little sumthin' sumthin' before the first ball is thrown. Before you know it...they've had way more beer than a little piggie should.

Before last night we were 1 game out of first place. Last night we won 2 and lost 2, and I have no idea how the #1 team did, but I'm pretty sure we're still up there at the top, if not on top. Not that it matters....cuz there's no Blood Bowlers. *evil chuckle*

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