Sunday, December 07, 2008

How I Spent My Weekend...In Rhyme

Ouside of the house
The lights are all lit
It was cold and snowy
My feet were frost-bit

I've baked all the cookies
No more till next year
If The Spouse eats one more
He's out on his ear.

The tree is all decked out
There's sap in my hair
I've misplaced the vodka
It's around here somewhere.

All thats left is to shop
Gifts and goodies galore
Now where is that list
Before I head to the store.

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Anonymous said...

you might be an alocholic

Peggy said...

hellooooo...have you never heard of putting a shot of vodka in the water of the tree???? I thought not!

and whats an alocholic? Can't spell and cant post your name. Nice