Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

And I'm not just singing Christmas music here people!

It's some kind of nasty out there. And, DANG...there's also a lot of snow. And that snow is just blowing around like Tazmanian Devils! Can't see out of any windows because the white stuff is just getting blown on and stuck. All the schools are closed for tomorrow. Already.

I'm having blizzard flashbacks here.

The Spouse and I took a ride over to My Maternal One's house. I'd talked to her earlier in the day when she was on her way out. And she couldn't get in her driveway. She'd just got back from church with the grandkid and was off to a christening and then to schlep another grandkid to somewhere else. The first grandkid that went to church with her helped her with the snow in the driveway. He's five. Thats right...a FIVE YEAR OLD was doing her driveway. She was a little concerned that she wouldn't be able to get in the garage when she got back from volunteering at the info desk at the hospital. K...I made The Spouse take me to the grocery store cuz I didn't want to drive and my mother is carting kids and doing all kinds of stuff. Bonus points to me for getting the ride to the store. Yay me. How spoiled do I sound?? So, anyway, we get to her house and the drift across the apron of her driveway is waist deep. Once we got the snowblower out of the truck it took about an hour to get up to the house. And this is not a long driveway she's got. Two car lengths perhaps. The Spouse did most of the work. I helped a little. And by helped I mean sat in the car and listened to the radio with the heat on and the heated seats working. More bonus points staying warm and dry. there's that spoiled thing again

Anyway..I lost track of where I was going with this story, so I'll just end here with some advice. It's shitty out. Do what Jimmy Griffin said to do during the Blizzard of '77..."Stay inside, grab a six-pack and watch a good football game.”

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