Monday, October 23, 2006

While I'm thinking of it....

Props to everyone out there!!!! Everyone has really pitched in and done their part to help their fellow WNY'ers. Quite impressive. They don't call it the City *I'm gonna add County* of Good Neighbors for nothing

Thanks to all the people who worked to restore the power. Thanks to all who are here working on getting the tree mess out of here. These guys are from all over the country. I've seen trucks from Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Rhode Island, Canada even, Georgia...who had the best truck..I wish I would have had my camera with me when I saw it. Bigass red double bed cherrypicker truck that said "Master of Disaster" on the side of it. Great truck.

We seem to be getting back to normal. Or, New Normal, as I'm thinking of it. I got disoriented the other day driving down a backroad the other day. I didnt recognize the street for all the trees missing...kinda freaked me out a bit!

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