Wednesday, October 25, 2006

All the little ants are marching...

I just happened to hear that DMB song this morning...just as I was going by this. Its the parking lot of GardenVillage Plaza. Quite a staging ground! This National Guard guy seems to be the one in charge, directing all those big ass trucks in to dump their loads.

For a little perspective, I took a shot from the top of the hill at French and Union and then one down on ground level behind the bank and Denny's

There are staging grounds like this everywhere!

I'm more and more impressed each day with this clean up. That Federal Emergency Management money seems to have been well spent. Although, I must say...Buffalo has always been pretty good about handling this sort of thing for a long time. The fact that the citizens do their part has a lot to do with it too, I up their own debris and putting it out for pickup and the like.

The only looting I've seen is scavengers going thru brush piles looking for the big pieces of firewood. And let me tell you...there's LOTS of firewood around

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