Thursday, October 19, 2006


Some folks are still without power. I can still hear generators grinding away on the street behind us.

The snow started falling Thursday night. I took some pictures but they were way too dark and all you could see were snowflakes. This first picture was taken Thursday night about 11:00 or so. This next one I shot Friday morning just at sunrise. Brilliant!!! How something that beautiful can be so destructive is incredible! Mother Nature must have had a huge hormone rush going on. We managed to save this tree in the back yard. We trudged thru knee deep snow to shake them off. Over in the other corner of the yard, one trunk of the Birch tree was bent completely over the fence and buried in snow on the other side. The other two trunks were almost flat on the ground this side of the fence. But we dug her out and she sprang back up.

I'll have more pics later on.

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