Sunday, October 29, 2006

Interesting Character

I'd like to introduce you all to a real annoying guy. His name is Joe.

Joe Iminahurry.

Joe's a schmuck.

If there's one thing this past storm should have done is slow people down. But noooooooo...people like Joe *and there's LOTS of 'em* are totally convinced that they are the only ones who have to get where they're going. And they have to get there fast. Way faster than anyone else.

We've still got numerous piles of branches and debris along the road. The crews are doing a treemendous *pardon the pun* job getting the crap out of here. They do however take up a bit of space on the road. Joe could care less about them.

Guys like Joe are easy to spot. Riding bumpers of the cars in front of them. Darting in and out of travel lanes. Dodging tree piles and trucks at way more speed than the speed limit. I like to have a little fun with the Joe's out there. Ok..let me say first, that I'm on a secondary road. Two lanes, speed limits 35....maybe 40. Speed kills. Dont mess around when you're going fast, thats my motto. So, anyway, I set my cruise control for exactly the speed limit and drive defensively enough to not let them have an opportunity to go zooming by. I maintain an extra cushion of space between me and the car ahead of me. Just enough so Joe can't fit in if he stupidly decides to pass. And I snicker as I look in the rear view. Of course, all I see are the headlights of Joe's 'he-man' hemi truck. I can imagine the testosterone rantings going on in the cab. Score one for me.

Lighten up Joe..and slow down, just a little bit. You'll be surprised to find out that you actually may get where you're going quicker...and with a lot less stress.

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