Monday, October 16, 2006

The sounds

I think the thing I'll recall first about this storm are the sounds. Or, more specifically, the evolution of the sounds.

The muffled cozy sound of big fat snowflakes falling from dark ominous clouds over head.

The crunch of snow under the weight of car tires and shoe soles.

The moaning of the trees as the heavy snow bends limb and branch closer to the ground.

The SNAP! as the limbs break free.

The WHOOSH! as the limb fell to the ground and lands on the soft pillow of white below.

The sizzle of the transformers as the broken limbs tear wires off their poles on the way to the ground

The absolute silence early the next morning.

The roar of the snowblowers being powered up.

The sirens of emergency vehicles.

The deafening drone of generators.

The painful sound of chain saws amputating destroyed limbs.

The whirr of the computer being booted up after 5 days of no power

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