Thursday, May 07, 2009


So...there's no update on The Project because they're not pouring the concrete until Saturday. And it's supposed to rain on Saturday night so, who knows.

Here's some random stuff.

New (or old) TV shows I like.

The Unusuals I LOVE this show!!! The characters are a bit off the wall, or, unusual, if you will. On ABC, Wednesday night, 10:00

Castle Two thumbs up on this one too. Nice cast, humor, mystery, well written. On ABC, Monday night, 10:00

Bones David Boreanaz, Buffalo boy, nuff said. His father was Dave Thomas of Rocketship 7 and Dialing For Dollars fame.

30 Rock I have always and will forever have a crush on Alec Baldwin. There, I said it. Everyone knows now.

The Mentalist No commentary, I just like the show.

The Office, My Name is Earl, Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, all make the list too. Hmmmmm...seems to be the stuff I like most is the stuff that makes me laugh. Or chuckle. Or snicker. Nuthin wrong with that!

And looking over at my Twitter update from last night, it seems I can't type whilst walking down stairs in a mob of people. That should have read "A Chorus Line". And let me tell you it was just fantastic! I was walking around all day today singing the songs I love the most. And singing them outloud, which is not really pretty at all. At least I didnt break out in a dance number using a lid to a pot as my top hat belting out "One, singular sensation, every little step she takes". I thought about it but I didnt do it.

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