Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Have I Ever Mentioned How Much I Love My Job Or The People I Work With???

I'm sure I have. Today was just one more example of why.

We have a regular customer...*we have LOTS of regulars actually, this is just one of our favorites* who lately has been getting a salad to go. I started drawing little pictures on the bag, or writing little notes on the container and just doing goofy little things like that. Well, today Justin took it to the next level..

Yes...thats Andy's name carved out of a couple slices of provolone cheese.



Anonymous said...

this reminds me of when i was in elementary school and you used to buy napkins with ducks on them. every day, i looked forward to a new conversation the ducks would have with each other. my mom is the best.
Offspring no 2

Peggy said...

wow...I forgot about that.