Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nice View

We went to Harry's Harbour Place Grille for my birthday dinner last night. Good view, good food and excellent company!!!

In other news.....the brick work is coming along nicely! Half the inside wall is done....I'm thinking he'll finish up tomorrow....
And all the brick on the outside walls is done. That will be getting capped off with a white stone ledge. As you can see...some of the old siding is off and being prepped for the new stuff. Coastal Sage is the new color. We are so over that 20year old blue!!!
I just got done staining the door and the window. 6 more hours to go before I can do the second coat. I may cheat and do it a little earlier. We'll see. If the 1st coat is dry I may be a rebel and do it. I live dangerously!


Pixel Peeper said...

Well, happy belated birthday!

Peggy said...

Well, thank you very much. There were Cosmos involved so it was quite happy