Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Grime Doesn't Pay

Got the computer back today. My guy Ray ran what he needed to run, said if there was any kind of virus that it was gone and he didnt think there was a virus, but the big reason for my problems was dust. I guess shooting the thing with the air in the can stuff just isn't enough to keep the puppy clean. Computers are like TVs in that they are giant electromagnets that attract the dusties.

Speaking of dust, I've got a thin layer of construction dust all over the house. I just got done delousing the kitchen because the new sliding door went in today. There's grime everywhere. One thing I despise is grime!!! makes me nuts! And the window went in on The Project too. The brick guy was here dropping off the goods and Kevin came by and did some preliminary wiring. He and The Spouse are now up at Nickel Creek having a pop. And by pop I dont mean pop if you get my drift. I'll have some pictures up soon. There were too many people roaming around to get any shots this afternoon.

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Pixel Peeper said...

Hey, coming along nicely! Love the look of that sliding glass door.

Well, gotta go...my computer needs to be dusted...