Monday, June 14, 2010

Something For Flag Day

Robin Williams as the American Flag.....

Robin Williams As The American Flag : The Coolest One

And I thought this would embed, you'll just have to follow the link.


usspost said...

Flag Day:It is measure to righteousness the oldest symbol and most grave temple of our region of U.s.. Weekday, June 14th is Flag Day, the start of the Nationalistic Flag week. 1966, Congress passed a resolution

Peggy said...

yeah, I dunno who you are, or if I should have published this comment, but hey, what the hell.

Flag Day was invented by a Buffalonian.

Pixel Peeper said...

We never forget Flag Day at our house, since it's my oldest son's birthday.

After my second son was born on New Year's Day, my older son (ever so competitive) was desparate to have a "special birthday" too. He quickly figured out he was born on Flag Day and elevated it to a really, really important holiday.

It better not be muggy on Saturday...I'm coming to visit NY. If I want muggy, I'll stay here in FL!