Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Random

So....its been 3 week since The Spouse pulled The Car into the garage. Guess how many miles are on it.

Go ahead. Guess

I'll wait.

Wrong!!!! He's put over 2200 miles on it. Drive much?


Funny thing....The Car related. Offspring #1 came home to pick up her mail, and noticed a new registration sticker *her name on it* came. She opened it, and couldn't figure out why she was getting a new one, since hers was not expired yet, but just thought, oh, well. She ended up leaving, forgetting to take her mail with her. Well, The Spouse comes home that night, sees the opened mail, and registration sticker and wants to know who opened his mail. Like I know, right? I wasn't here. So he takes the sticker and puts it in his mail basket. Two days later #1 comes back to get her mail and is frantic cuz she cant find the sticker. She sees it in his basket and grabs it. Remember, she's still thinking its for her car and she's still confused as to why she received it. Well....she studies it for a second....low and behold....its the registration for the Mustang. The dealer put her name on the paper work, not The Spouses. That's a pretty big screw up. Let's see how long its going to take to get this resolved.


We've got a new pet. Ok, its not a pet, more like a critter. Out back, after dark, The Spouse has seen an animal walking along the fence, from the neighbors yard on the right, to the neighbors yard on the left. He asked me if I'd ever seen it....and I hadn't until the other night when we were sitting out there. It looked like, in the dark, a huge white cat...or a ferret. Last night, the critter was out a little earlier than usual, and he saw what it was. A ginormous SKUNK! Great. Pepe LePew is living under the sheds of the neighbors and we're caught in the middle. Hopefully the town will come out and set a trap....I don't want to be surprised some night, walking around out there and getting sprayed. That would ruin my day, I think.


Ever hear of 'gin-soaked golden raisins' to help with aches and pains and arthritis? Well, we're gonna try it. A bunch of people at The Spouse's office swear by it it. We're gonna do it. I'll let you know what kind of effect they have. Not that we have a PROBLEM with arthritis, but our bones creak, here and there. Sometimes. :-)

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