Monday, June 07, 2010

Guess What I Did Today

I ran over to the mall today, and I went into the Apple Store to get The Spouse an audio cable, so he could hook up the iPod in The Car *from here on out, The Mustang will be referred to as The Car* . On my way out, I stopped and played with the iPads *I want one!, its like playing on my iPhone, only bigger* . I was just surfing around, when I had the most evilly brilliant thought. So, I typed in the address for this blog.

And then I walked away.

Hi! person playing with this iPad and reading me!

I was gonna do it on more than one, but I was in a hurry, damnit.

Speaking of the mall...they reallllllyyyy need to fix that ring road around Galleria drive. between Best Buy and the Post Office. Somebody get on that.

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