Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Installment of "Unsolicited Product Review"

Today we're looking at the SmoothAway Hair Removal thing-a-ma-bob.

I bought one at Rite-Aid last week because, well...I hate shaving my legs and its getting to be that time of year where I can't hide the hairyness under sweatpants and frankly it was an impulse purchase as I was walking by the "As Seen On TV" aisle. Hey..the Ped-Egg impulse buy worked out well *I love that thing* so I figured, what the hell, and I bought it. $9.99 and there was no shipping and handling involved. I think they charge you $14.99 shipping if you buy off the website, so, unless you live in a cave in some remote area, or money is no object to you, head to a store and get it.

I think I like this thing. It works well if you READ and FOLLOW the directions. I tried it as soon as I got home. Ripped it open, read the directions and proceeded to use it. It really didnt work that great the first time because I didnt FOLLOW the directions. You're supposed to use it on clean, dry skin. I of course didn't bother to take the time and shower and get the moisturizer and 'being in front of a steam table' sweat off me. But the next time I used it worked way better. It does take a lot longer than shaving, but you don't get the exfoliation action with a razor. And you kind of have to get the hang of using....rub too hard and you end up with an abraision. All in all, I thing I'd give this a thumbs up.

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