Sunday, March 25, 2007


Every year at this time, we get a visit from these two. Donald and Daisy, I call 'em. It won't be long before Macho Duck comes along and challenges Donald for a shot at Daisy. There'll be a big fight in the water. Don and Macho will start going at it and Daisy will just swim around the perimeter with her tail up in the air like she's all that. Then, when Donald gets done showing Macho who's the boss. Daisy will thank him. That gets noisier than the testostone fight.

Nothing says Spring like a good duck f......ight...I meant to imply fight.

The next visitors to drop in will be Fred and Ethel... the Long Neck Geese that prance around in the field behind the fence. It's loud enough with the quacking...wait till the honking starts!

I love Spring

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