Friday, March 16, 2007

Thanks for the info Scott!

Ok...found out where those pictures of the Lake Effect came from. I promised's credit!

"Ever want to know what it looks like when a snowstorm rolls into town? Traffic Reporter Air Gordon (WBEN, Star 102.5) sees it all the time from the weather copter. "It's fascinating," he relayed to me. "The snow looks like something from The Poseidon Adventure. There is a virtual wall of snow... one minute it's clear, and the next it looks like a big wave is about to engulf the city."Even though these photos look menacing, the storm that actually rolled in when these shots were captured was not very significant. They were taken a couple of weeks after the 'October Surprise'.. just a typical lake effect snowstorm dropping some white stuff on the city. "I thought that BRO readers would like to see what it looks like from the air," Gordon said. That's true... we know what it looks like from the ground, so why not get a different perspective?"

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