Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When The Cat Is Away, The Mouse Redecorates....

....and this year, I'm turning the vacant middle bedroom into my own little pod.

This is the smallest bedroom in the house. Last year I'd planned on using it as a place to get a little workout...notice the weights and the step on the floor. I asked the kids for a small little tv with a dvd built right in for my birthday, so I could exercise to my favorites, but I really haven't used it that much. And I just bought the wireless printer and put it in there. Whilst I was setting the printer up, I decided that my "MikeyDoesFloridaGolfTrip" project would be to fix this room up.

This is what I'm working with now. ... *I was narrating as I filmed this, but I had the sound off, duh, and nothing I said was audible, so you'll just have to imagine me talking...make up your own script if you want* Those hideous green window shades have been up there since we moved in. That was 1991. *I am only a little embarrassed by this * I bought new roman shades for all the upstairs bedroom windows today. Cant wait to hang them.

The first thing to go will be those annoying glow in the dark stars that have been there since we moved in.

Pretty sure I'm going to go a lightish but not too light gray on the walls with black and tannish accents. I'll be updating as updates become available.

Here's something funny...last year at this time, my vacation post had a similar title. When the cat's away....

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