Monday, October 20, 2008

Holy Crap!

A house down the street just went up for sale. Naturally, I immediately head over to the website to check the digits. 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, family room, kitchen 2-1/2 baths. And he does have the built in pool. I have 4 bedrooms, living room, family room. No dining room, but I have a country kitchen which is more open than his model. Don't have the pool (hahaha,..see post) but I do have more square footage. And he has a finished basement and I don't.

Let's see what the board says, Johnny!


Let me say that again....Two hundred and nine thousand dollars. Now, that might not seem like a lot considering housing prices around the country. I watch House Hunters and My House Is Worth What and all that stuff on HGTV. Religiously. I know what real estate is going for everywhere else. I know that I could sell my house for half a mill if we lived anywhere else, say, the other side of the state. But this is Western New York. Erie County. Cheektowaga. First ring suburb to the city of Buffalo. Hot Damn!!!

About a year ago, there was a bidding war on a house similar to the 209 house on the other side of the circle that is my neighborhood. They got, like, $195k or something. I was a little shocked at that but this!!!! Topping the 200k mark is amazing to me. Let's hope he gets it!

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