Sunday, May 06, 2007

Unfriggin Believable!!!!!

Another Friday night, another close Sabres game, another time I jet outta work, another Sabres win. Watch this to get a feel of the atmosphere from Friday. You'll notice there's a couple darker shots of people with the gold pompoms. Thats shots from the plaza outside the arena. There were over 4000 fans out there watching the game on the big screen they have set up. Offspring #4 was out there totally into the craziness whilst The Spouse was inside in my seats that I couldn't use cuz of the whole work thing.

I'm thinking the boys with come out today firing on all cylinders to put the Rangers away for the summer.


Offspring #3 said...

you forgot to metion that offspring # 3 called you to see if you got into an accident... and that makes me sad

Peggy said...

I was going to mention that a separate blog. The one about the birth order and balancing the psyche of the middle child!! But...then I got distracted and forgot all about it.

I love you!!! *smooches*