Monday, May 28, 2007


Had some free time today to go out and shoot some follow-up pics of the TreeStorm damage.

Remember the weeping willow on Borden Rd.? I thought she was a goner. Arborists were saying any tree that lost 50% of its crown had to be destroyed. Well...she got all trimmed up and apparently was worth saving. We'll see what happens. The house in the backround didn't fare too well. Bigass fire pretty much destroyed it. Aside from the big burned out hole in the roof, this angle doesn't look too bad. The other side of the house is a different story.

I headed over to St. Matthew's Cemetery. They did a great job over there.

Then I was off to GardenVillagePlaza..the former staging ground for the debris. Now it's just a parking lot in a mostly vacant plaza. It looked better with all the sticks.

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