Saturday, November 11, 2006

Coincidence??? I think not!!!

Ok,... so I leave the restaurant tonite with about 13 minutes to go in a tight TIGHT Sabres/Flyers game. Tie score. 3-3. I'm driving down Clinton St. when all of a sudden, my little voice says to me, "Peg, I think we left just a little too early" I'm thinking, " negative thoughts" Dontcha just know, Flyers score.

says my little voice. I tell her to calm ain't over yet. And I knew it..I just knew the game was totally not over.

Perhaps now would be a good time for a little background information.... There's been this little karma thing going on. Only happens on Friday nights. It started last hockey season. We work Friday nights. It's the only night of the week we're open for dinner. The game, if there happens to be one on, is playing on the tv in the bar. I have a good vantage point from my post over the spaghetti pots, but I can't really hear it, and we're usually just a little too busy to be leaning over the window watching the game. The guys in the back kitchen do have the radio tuned in, so when we hear Rick Jeannette get all excited we look over at the tv. The guys from the back kitchen come out...we watch, we go back to work. We're all fans. I love this group of humans. And the dynamics are, well, ....dynamic. 7 of us went in and split two seats seasons tickets. So, anyway....last year, if the games were close and the work was done, I started leaving to listen to the game in my car, instead of sticking around and watching the end on tv. (I love listening on the radio.) Sure enough, a pattern began to emerge. I'd get half way home, and the Sabres would score and win the game. It got kind of spooky. Then it became a ritual. Justin and Jeff and Denise were really the only ones who knew about it. They'd kick me out the door. I'd drive. The Sabres win. I get chills!! Last night, Denise calls Justin to make sure I left. She's gonna kick me out from her house! Too funny, but incredibly another win was tallied.

So tonite, we're at the bar for Marissa and Craig's engagement party. The game is on. The game is tied. I look at Denise, she looks at me and says, "Isn't it time you got out of here?" Justin and Jeff chime in from behind the bar..."Yeah, Peg, get outta here" We had to explain to Joanne and Diane why they were kicking me out. "No, really...we haven't lost a game when she does this" Ever get that look from someone that says...'uh ok, if you say so'? Got a couple of them tonite, I'll tell ya! Anyway...back to my story...

"You're right" said my little voice. "There's still 3 minutes left...we know what happens in the last 3 minutes" No sooner did she say that, and BAM!!!! Danny Briere scores. 2:59 left. Thats when I knew we were gonna win. There were 50 seconds left in the game when I pulled into the garage. Kerry's there to greet me. I yell...."I cant get out of the car yet, I'll be in when the period is over" Have to yell cuz the I've got the radio blasting...hehehe. We're discussing the game before the OT starts. She's on the recliner, I'm standing...and 21 seconds into the OT, Danny buries it again and I'm jumping around and screaming and giggling like a school girl.


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