Saturday, July 16, 2011

I was rudely awakened this morning by a massive cramp in my calf. *I havent had one of those in years. I'm pretty sure, with the heat in the kitchen the last couple of days, I was dehydrated, causing the cramp. I hate when that happens.*

On a Saturday.

A Saturday I didn't have to work.

I had the day off today so I'd kinda planned to take full advantage of my "Ladies Who Lounge" membership, but the muscle soreness from the Charliehorse told me I needed to walk it off. So I went to the mall.

I know..... You're surprised, right? .... Me. At the mall. Who woulda thunk it?

Anyway, I got all gussied up *not really....presentable, not gussied* and headed out. the Galleria was PACKED. And it wasn't packed with just locals. It was a multi-cultural Mecca of men, women and children. And I'm gonna say, through my very trained and observant eye, that there's a softball tournament, a baseball tournament and a soccer tournament going on in the area. I thought to myself, "Pegz, we can go spend our money on us now! No more Softball Mom stuff. Onward woman! Let's go shopping!" Now, I have a rule...if I'm going to the mall just to go, I give myself a mission. When this occurs, I turn into what The Offspring call, Super Mall Walking Bitch mode. *and they meant bitch in the most positive BabeInTotalControlofHerself kind of way* What can I say, it's what I do... Anyhooo... Its always an extra strenuous workout dodging strollers, old people, idiots, teenage girls, teenage girls with teenage boys. But, it needed doing. And i had to work that calf muscle I was on a mission to find a nice little dish rack. Preferably a wooden one. Easy task and I can get my double laps on both levels done, be out. *Yeah, no store at the mall had one. Found one at BedBathBeyond on Union... fyi if you're looking for one.*

Ummm... Where was I going with this... Oh yeah, the Mecca thing... Its nice to see an influx of people around here. I can see it down at the waterfront too....I walk that every Friday between shifts ... Lots of out of town license plates. Lots of languages. I get a positive vibe around town and I like that.

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