Sunday, February 28, 2010

Powder Keggin'

My Festival Buddy and me headed down to The Powder Keg Festival this afternoon. It was a gorgeous day. A little too gorgeous, tho, the Labatt Pond Hockey had to be cancelled today. They got yesterdays games in but there was a little too much snow yesterday and it was a little too warm and the ice just wasn't safe enough to play today.

Downtown was bustling. Lots of people. We had lunch at The Pearl Street Grill (pictured here, the hub of the activity) then hit the streets. *as always, click on the pic to make it bigger*

Lots of characters....the Abominable Snowman even showed up.

The tubing down the Seneca St. exit ramp of the Skyway was a big attraction. But, that too was a little mushy and slushy because of the warmness. But it didnt stop people from giving it a go. Not the best vantage point for a picture here, but its as close as I could get. The line was pretty long.

Broom Ball Tournament going full swing

Here's the incredible Ice Maze. Official dubbed by the Guinness World Book as the largest ice maze in the world. Yeah, I totally stole this picture from The PowderKeg website.
This is as close to the maze as we could get....the line started here...
wrapped around to here

then ended up waaaaaayyyy down there. No way were we waiting 90 minutes in line.

So we headed over to the beer tent. Good plan.

I think this is going to turn into quite a nice festival. Maybe a little earlier in the month might help with the snow and temperature conditions and maybe spread it out a little, but it was really cool to see all those people out and about downtown in the middle of winter. Good job Powder Keg People!
Things to make note of for next year. Different boots for me. I wasnt sure how dry my feet were going to be in the "Ugg" type boots I have (they havent really been tested in wet conditions), so I pulled a page from when we were kids and did the 'pair of socks, plastic bag, another pair of socks' thing just to be safe. Good thing I did. And draft beer still gives me a headache.

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